IKAROS Linethrower

Product Name: IKAROS Linethrower
Brand: Hansson Pyrotech
Product Category: Pyrotechnics
Product Description:

For casting a pilot line for cables and ropes in rescue operations at sea. Can be used between ships, from shore to ship or ship to shore, or for rescuing personnel.

Design & Function:

The IKAROS Line-Thrower is a robust device consisting of a waterproof plastic container with integral handle and trigger mechanism, a solid fuel rocket and 300 m of line.

Product Specifications:

IKAROS Line-Thrower is approved globally and meets the latest SOLAS 74/96 regulations.

Performance: Throws a line 300 m in calm wind
Length of line: 300 m
Line diameter: 4 mm
Line strength: 2 kN
Dimensions: 340×230 mm
Weight: 4 kg
Ref. No.: 34 61 00 Complete Line-Thrower
Ref. No.: 34 62 00 Replacement rocket
Ref. No.: 34 63 00 Buoyant head

Technical/MSDS Documents: