Carbon Dioxide Refilling

We operate a highly efficient carbon dioxide filling facility using a 4.5 ton refrigerated bulk storage tank and High Torque Pumping unit which can transfer about 10 lbs of Liquid Co2 per minute. A high accuracy calibrated weighing scale is also used to ensure the correct amount of Co2 has been filled.

Our Co2 Filling Station

Our equipment and refilling method does not require freezing of cylinders prior to filling so work can commence almost immediately on receipt of cylinders.

We also carry many adapters to allow us to fill various cylinders but we always advise customers to supply adapters if available as we may not carry for certain valve or head types.

Our 4.5 ton refrigerated bulk Co2 storage tank.

Cylinders brought in for refilling must have:
  • A valid Hydro-Test date 
  • The correct valve or Operating Head
  • Safety Cap (if applicable)