Britannia Marine Cartridge Operated ABC Powder BA9MED

Product Name: Britannia Marine Cartridge Operated ABC Powder BA9MED
Brand: Britannia Fire Ltd
Product Category: Marine Fire Extinguishers
Product Description:

Britannia Marine Fire Extinguishers – MED Approved – Wheel Marked

The premier range for marine applications in offshore and shipping environments. The Britannia Marine range is acknowledged to be one of the most robust fire extinguishers used by offshore and shipping companies.

These units have both an internal and external weld because we know these units are exposed to harsh environmental conditions. We can also supply zinc coated units for additional protection in severe conditions. The large neck enables the extinguishers to be serviced and refilled quickly in any environment.

Design & Function:

ABC powder is a combination of Monoammonium phosphate and ammonium sulphate. The extinguishing powder interferes with the chemical reactions that take place in the combustion zone, thus the
flame ceases to exist. The powder also has a low melting point and on application the particles fuse and swell to form a barrier which excludes oxygen and completes the extinguishing process and prevents reignition.

The powder is non conductive and may be used in the presence of an electric current.

ABC powder will extinguish class A (carbonaceous) fires, class B (flammable liquid) fires and class C (flammable gas) fires.

Key Points

  • Approved and certified to BS EN3
  • Kitemarked product
  • Patented balance valve for ultimate fluidization of compacted powder ensuring complete discharge
  • CE marked in accordance with the PED
  • Diecast zinc colour coded headcap
  • Large neck ring enables servicing and refilling to be conducted with ease
  • Wheel marked in accordance with the MED
  • Designed for long service in harsh conditions
  • Manufactured in Great Britain
Product Specifications:

Britannia Marine Cartridge Operated ABC Powder BA9MED

  • Type:Powder
  • Capacity: 9KG
  • Premier Cartridge Operated Extinguisher

Britannia Marine Cartridge Operated ABC Powder BA9MED

Technical/MSDS Documents: