Cylinder Hydrotesting & Requalification

Approved_Service_Supplier_blue_600We operate a DOT Approved testing and re-qualification facility for hydrotesting both low and high pressure cylinders.

Our DOT issued requalifier identification number(RIN) is i265.

For High pressure cylinders (Over 1000 Psi) we test using the water jacket method. Our Hydro-Test system is rated for testing in a range of 2000 – 10,000psi, and Meets U.S. DOT requirements for accuracy and readability.

We can test high pressure cylinders up to 12″ diameter x 60″ tall.

For Low Pressure cylinders (Under 1000 Psi) we perform a proof test using a DOT Compliant Dual Gauge Setup and Test Cage. Our system can test between 111 – 1000 psi and Meets U.S. DOT requirements for accuracy and readability.

We can test low pressure cylinders up to 10″ diameter x 30″ tall.

Our personnel have been professionally trained and perform cylinder re-qualification based on DOT regulations, CGA guidelines and our own stringent internal procedures.

All cylinders also undergo visual inspection before and after being testing.

A Hot-Air Dryer is used to ensure all cylinders are properly dried after testing, this reduces the risk of internal corrosion and is a requirement for operating an approved facility.

Eddy Current Testing


In keeping with the requirements of DOT, we currently use an Eddy-Current Non-Destructive Testing System on all 6351-T6 alloy cylinders used for SCUBA, Breathing Air and Oxygen service.

This type of testing is now mandatory at 5 Year Year re-qualifications due to the sustained load cracking risk involved in 6351-T6 alloy cylinders.

The system not only detects cracks it identifies corrosion, gouges, pits, folds, valleys, tool stops and other types of indications and it shows you the differences among them on five different color-coded graphs, including both linear and three-dimensional views, on a computer screen.

Co2 Refilling

Our Co2 Filling Station

Our Co2 Filling Station

We also provide a highly efficient Co2 refilling service which may be beneficial to those having cylinders tested. Click here for more information.
Hydrotesting System

Our Hydro-Test Equipment

Cylinder Hydrotesting

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