Inflatable Liferaft Rental

At Marine Safety Equipment Service and Sales Company Limited we offer a Life Raft Rental Service to all our customers as many operators find it beneficial to rent life rafts for either short or extended periods.

Currently Marine Safety Equipment has SOLAS Approved liferafts ranging from 6 Person to 25 person capacity available for rental with SOLAS / USCG Approved Liferafts available in 20 and 25 person Capacity.

Benefits of renting a life raft for short term use

  • Quickly and easily available
  • Life rafts are generally available from stock with none or little waiting time
  • Cost effective
  • Cheaper than purchasing a life raft as there is no capital expenditure.
  • Perfect for occasional or impromptu use

Operators can also compensate for temporary increases in labour on board the ship, rig or offshore platform. Where brief voyages or deliveries are concerned a short term hire is obviously more economic than a purchase.

Benefits of renting a life raft for long term use

  • Economical
  • There is no capital outlay.
  • Comprehensive payment arrangements

A fixed term or annual fee can be agreed in advance which overcomes the unpredictability of servicing costs, especially where older equipment is concerned.

No worrying about fine details

When the requirement ends the equipment can simply be collected / returned and the rental concluded. There is no surplus to requirement Liferafts to store, service or dispose of.